30-Minute Power Calls — Special Offer

Power Call.jpg

My clients LOVE their Power Calls.

In only 30-minutes we are able to cut through all the noise and distill down to what matters most — in order to maintain positive forward action on a strategic goal.

  • Establish powerful mindset shifts

  • Prepare for important meetings

  • Brainstorm solutions to problems

  • Set inspiring and meaningful goals

  • Identify plans of action and define next steps

Power Calls have been so wildly successful for my established clients that I’m testing out offering them on an ad hoc basis to leaders and rising leaders up to big things.

Now is your chance to see how a focused call with me can catapult you forward on an important initiative.

This complimentary offer is time-limited. Book now to reserve your spot and I’ll help you break through whatever might be holding you back and leave you with a clear next step. In exchange, I’ll ask you to fill out a brief survey that will help me design this offer more broadly.