Team Workshops

Faciliated Learning & Communications Consulting

Your team is comprised of some outstanding individual contributors. As a group, you have untapped potential and communications barriers that leave you feeling drained. 


Create a Team that THRIVES

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Optimizing Engagement

Help your executives and employees engage more fully in your organization and in their lives. We all develop lenses that determine how we perceive situations and interact with others. These lenses can act as blinders that limit our perspective or prisms that expand and broaden our perspective.

In this interactive and thought-provoking workshop, participants are introduced to the seven perspectives that impact personal leadership and engagement – your ability to inspire yourself and others to get more done. We'll discuss how real situations involving team building, dealing with stressful situations, decision-making, collaboration and innovation are impacted by the perspectives each team member brings to the situation. By understanding our current levels and what is driving them, we're able to create choice about the lenses we use to create the results we desire.

We wrap with specific action plans to improve on the agreed upon goals and objectives.

Based on the Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment and Core Energy work by Bruce D. Schneider.


Diversity of Thought and
Whole Brain® Communications

You’ll learn the secrets of connecting with people who don’t think like you do – a powerful team building tool!

Based on Herrmann International's Whole Brain® Thinking model, the foundation for thinking agility, cognitive diversity, and innovative thinking, this high-energy, experiential workshop is great for cross-functional or matrix teams, newly formed teams, anyone communicating with customers, and teams whose productivity and performance suffer due to poor internal communications.

We'll cover the four basic styles people use to take in new information and to communicate then identify practical scenarios where flexing our preferences will derive improved outcomes.

Once you understand the thinking preferences of your team, you can leverage this knowledge to improve communication, problem solving, relationships, collaboration, decision-making and stakeholder engagement. Flexing your leadership style allows you to bring out the best in each team member.


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for Managers

This hands-on workshop is great for anyone transitioning from individual contributor to team leader or anyone looking to supercharge their team's engagement and performance.

In this workshop you will learn to create a win-win culture by applying the coach approach to leadership skills, including:

- setting goals and establishing accountability

- effective listening and giving/receiving feedback

- self-awareness and regulation

- building on strengths, inspiring and championing

- powerful asking, effective listening and empathizing

- navigating sticky situations

Workshop participants will have time to practice each new skill and get feedback from their peers.

I had the pleasure to participate in a team communications workshop. Marcia was extremely informative and educated on the results we attained. She was able to explain everything in layman’s terms so that we all could understand. The workshop allowed me to understand the way I and my colleagues communicate and how to think about how our clients might need us to communicate to them. I’ve done other communication style training and found Marcia’s training to be at the top of the list. I highly recommend her for communications training!
— Chris S., Technical Manager
I have found Marcia to be an incredibly skilled coach! I’m constantly impressed with her thoughtful insights about each issue or goal that we’ve discussed. Marcia is a great listener who has the ability to intuitively understand what I mean, beyond just what I’ve said. Marcia’s explanation of my results from the Energy Leadership Index assessment was spot on and was very helpful in my understanding of how my perceptions of the world are influencing the way I approach my goals and how much success I have as a result.
— Christine A., Small Business Owner